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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I Advertise on ReturnAds?

If you want to advertise and see a ROI you should use Return Ads as your campaigns will reach millions of people on Twitter and Facebook. Social media marketing is the most effective as it is generally the most used media on the net and our system allows you to target specific countries. Our publishers also can promote products based upon niche and interests which increases the ROI of advertisers. View a tutorial with screenshots

Can I Earn Money on ReturnAds?

Yes. As a publisher you can make money promoting campaigns within the members area. You can also refer members and earn money. You will find our network is quite generous and advertisers are likely to spend more on Facebook and Twitter advertising so you will find very high cost per click rates as a publisher.

How can I Customize my Campaign?

Our interface is very flexible giving you the ability to customize your ad copy, images, cost per click and demographic targeting. We make it super easy but at the same time give you all the tools and reports to dominate Facebook and Twitter.

Do you have Reports?

We offer an easy way to manage campaigns which includes reports on the clicks being received, click costs and other analytical data.

How do Campaigns Work?

Once logged into Return Ads you can "create a campaign" under the left side menu. During the setup process you will be asked for information such as link url, image url, title, description, cost per click and country selection. The process is very easy so you can get campaigns up and running within minutes. We also give you the ability to pause campaigns for fine tunning or editing of ads.

Am I Charged for Campaigns?

Our system is self serve and you are required to add funds to your account before you can allocate them to campaigns. Get quality traffic for as low as 0.001 per click!

How do I Stop Campaigns?

We give you the ability to pause ads as we know advertisers come across problems time to time such as website issues, offers capped, offers changing and other things.

Can I Edit my Active Campaigns?

Yes. Within your account you can navigate to the "manage campaigns" section and you have the ability to edit both non active and active campaigns.

Why am I not getting clicks?

This could be due to many reasons such as Publishers have not yet come across your ad within the system or your demographic targeting is too targeted. For more volumne you can select all countries or ones with larger audiences such as Usa, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. You can also increase your cost per click that you are offering publishers which will encourage them to promote you more as it is more lucravtive for them.

Can I change the Cost per Click?

Yes, you can change the cost per click you offer for your campaigns. The higher the cost per click the more publishers will promote.

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