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Account Dashboard

This is your dashboard which gives you access to all the tools as an Advertiser or Publisher. The menu on the left hand side opens sub menus which lead to different areas of the site. We make it easy by giving you quick access to your campaigns, the top campaigns and the newest campaigns. You also have easy access to important stats such as ad views, advertising balance and your earnings.

Promote Campaigns

The promote campaigns page shows you all the available campaigns that can be promoted along with the countries allow and the rate at which the advertiser set for the cost per click. Remember as a publisher you earn 70% of the click value rate.

Promote Campaign Options

The promote Campaign options page is where you will find the link you promote as well as some simple ways to share on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also see how many people are promoting the campaign, the cost per click and countries the advertiser is allowing.

Campaigns your Promoting

The campaigns your promoting page gives you stats on all the campaigns you are promoting which can give you some insight and data to help you make more money based upon what the advertisers are paying per click.

Manage Campaigns

The manage campaigns page gives you stats about your Advertising campaigns but also lets you add funds, edit ads, pause and activate ads. Remember in order to activate campaign you need to first add funds to your account and then add funds to your campaign.

Create a Campaign

The create a campaign page is there you set up your ads as an Advertiser. On this page you are prompted to fill out info such as title, description, ad url, image url, country targeting and cost per click. We suggest you start with 0.001-0.01 per click and you can increase it more to get more volumne.

Edit Profile

The edit profile page is where you can edit your password, change your profile image and edit your newsletter subscription.

Click Stats

The click stats page will give you information on the latest hits to your ads including the date and country origin of visitors.

Add Funds

The add funds page is where you will add funds into your account. After this you will need to create a campaign and then add funds to your campaign.


The navigation on the site is done on the left hand menu. Remember that you need to click on some menus to open up sub menus to other areas within the site.

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